Daily Spotlight on Education 04/09/2009

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Jaclyn posts about how her view of sharing and the competitive nature of academics is changing with a course she is taking that is pushing her to share via her blog. I would like to find out what course this is!

    Great blog, Jacklyn, one of my favorite quotes (of the many) says:

    "Just like teaching, learning needs to be wide open and full of networking. Instead of handing in that assignment to one teacher, I am handing it in to the world and saying, "Take a look at me and what I think". It is incredibly empowering when you think about it.
    I really did use to hate sharing. I hated sharing my markers in Kindergarten, I hated sharing my books with friends (heaven forbid they bend the spine or one of the pages), and I especially hated sharing my work with classmates. But suddenly, none of these things matter to me anymore. In fact, somewhere between my weirdness as a child, and my awkward teen years, I learned to love sharing. And because of this course, I have learned to love sharing my work and my ideas. In truth, if it wasn't for my classmates sharing their ideas, I would not have managed to get through all those tech tasks!"

    Wow! This post sums up the evolution in learning and sharing and it is done very well. Great job, Jaclyn.

    And I found you because you linked to me and I follow those backlinks. Great blogging on many levels!

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