How do you get to Carnegie Hall: Upload Upload Upload!!

The youtube symphony orchestra debuted on April 15, 2009 in Carnegie Hall.  Voted on by thousands, 96 professional and amateur musicians from 30+ countries on six continents and 26 instruments. 

The new response to "How do you Get to Carnegie Hall?" as the conductor said.

"Upload Upload Upload" - it meets with thunderous applause.

This is still only the beginning but these global, worldwide mashups are amazing and truly transforming us in so many ways.  Though many people disparage youtube - knowing how to upload and make videos there is CHANGING PEOPLE'S LIVES.

This video is 59 minutes long, but if you are a musician or just love music, it is so worth watching. 

Upload!  It might just change your life!  It is definitely part of the new literacy of living.

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