How to add a retweet button & tweet count to your blog posts

Was zoning out at the Mashable website and noticed their cool little "retweet this" button at the top of the blog post about planning your vacation with social networking tools. When I retweeted saw that tweetmeme was the reply address that seemed to generate this handy thing and went on over.

Now, the tweetmeme has instructions for several types of blogs:
But I hand wrote my code in the OLD blogger and so had to dust off the HTML cobwebs to make this thing work.

Here is the code I inserted just before my blog inserts the post of my blog:

Update: So, I was perplexed as to why my twitterid didn't appear in the retweet like mashable's did and looked at the page source -- I've now added one extra line to this code (note: they Don't tell you how to do this on tweetmeme!) where the tweetmeme_source should be set to my name so I added

tweetmeme_source = 'coolcatteacher'; before the ending script tag and poof -- now, when someone retweets it pops in my twitter ID, so now I can know it, respond, and follow. To me, this just links up the conversation with twitter a little more tightly.

So, now the top of my blog post I wrote last week: School Daze looks like this! -- Not sure if it is coming through my RSS feed but would love to hear if it is. (Or I'll have to check, but tomorrow.) That is a cool tool! Hope you enjoy! I personally think this is an important widget to add to your blog, so when you take some time for your overhaul of your blog, add tweetmeme at the top of your blog!

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