NECC 2009: Endless Possibilities

Mixed up this fun video using some things I want to demo at the Web 2 Smackdown 2009 including Pinnacle Automovie (a feature of Pinnacle Studio which automatically made this video for the most part after I added the pics and creative commons music.)  It also demos the youtube annotations feature - when the movie starts, you'll see a little square in the bottom right corner that you can click and  turn on annotations and see the notes about what is going on.  (NOte: I have a Netvibes page to help you track Necc 2009 that is being updated.)

These pictures are from 2007 and 2008 edubloggercons and NECC from the blogger's lounge. 

You know the thing about these is you've got a long of very opinionated, strong willed people in the room and so sometimes it has ups and sometimes it gets pretty volatile - but one thing about it - it is always real.  I love the people there - whether they are bloggers or not - and they are just some of the greatest people anywhere. 

The most important thing to remember that if you come -- ALL of us feel out of it sometimes and some of us don't get to see each other much and we work together A LOT, so when we get together we want to be together -- just jump right on in there and say hello even if you're new to all this - there is always room for more!

OK, guys, gotta to get ready for the day!  Have fun and join us at Edubloggercon face to face or Virtually.  If you look at the schedule, there are elluminate rooms for it -- join in and listen but also have your own meet up and discussion in your area!  Take a picture and upload and you're there!!! Have fun.

And if you want to join the Web 2 smackdown at 9:30 am EDT on Saturday, here are the links.  Oh, and the video includes ONE blogger who I really want to meet but WILL NOT be there - can you find him?

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