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Friday, August 06, 2010

Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 08/06/2010

  • The new Identity theft steals children's social security numbers before they have bank accounts.

    tags: education digital_safety

  • Net neutrality -- NOT going to happen.

    Verizon is going to serve up certain content faster if they pay for this. I use a Verizon Mi-Fi card and should this be what happens (looks like it is) then I'll be looking for a net-neutral internet provider.

    This in many ways is more than censorship - it is attention to the highest bidder. Companies already have the benefit in that they hire people to optimize their sites for search engines and boost their "ratings" however, still, links can and do rise to the top based upon what people write about them.

    However, now, the actual carrier of the internet service can bias how fast we access websites. That is not just unfair - it is undemocratic. It is capitalism communism in many ways and repugnant to those of us who appreciate that anyone can rise to the top.

    Speak out. This issue is overviewed in this article from the Huffington post.

    tags: education netneutrality

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