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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is preplanning and I've been fixing computers like crazy! Just got in my new HP elitebook with 8GB of RAM but unfortunately HP forgot to include the 64 bit version of Windows 7 in the box -- so I'll be without a school notebook another day, I guess.

I'm just wondering how those teachers who don't have preplanning make it. I'm about to lose my mind and I have three days!

So, I was thinking of some good examples for those who think preplanning is not important to teaching.

Not having preplanning before starting school is like:
  • Giving a 5 hour workshop without taking any time to prepare. (unprepared)
  • Going to the mall without getting in the car to get there. (And how would you do that? Good question!)
  • A person trying to shoot a movie without a storyboard and script. (unorganized and without vision)
  • Having the first day of play practice with no script. (unplanned)
  • Having your first football game without having practice. (unpracticed)
  • Showing up for a job interview late and without a resume. (unprepared)
  • Going on a field trip without permission forms or knowing where you're going. (no direction)
What other examples can you name?

It is completely preposterous to just "start" school. Hey, maybe the best example -- trying to start my car without going to get gas first.

These are the things that are harming education.  When test scores go down and we've cut preplanning, post planning, and professional development - will the lawmakers blame themselves? I doubt it. This is still squarely the problem of educators to deal with. (And note, I DO have preplanning - I'm one of the lucky ones.)

I just see erosion of the commitment of many to help education move forward. Kind of like when the upped my quota to sell more cell phones and cut the number of sales reps I had to sell! Unfair and unrealistic and also, my ticket to get away from that company. People at the top have the luxury of "playing with numbers" but true leaders realize that there are consequences to the numbers.

Keep your noble calling teacher but also speak out in ways that others can understand.

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