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Monday, August 09, 2010


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Sometimes something I use gets me excited.

Well, my son was typing his paper for his Honors Lit class and somehow was on a temporary profile. We're not sure why. When he logged on tonight, you guessed it -- HIS PAPER WAS GONE.

I searched everywhere -- .tmp files and everything. Poof. It was gone and so was my son's hope.

Well, I went on Carbonite - that handy new backup that I use and guess what -- I FOUND IT. I found it, restored it and had it back within 5 minutes after I had searched on the hard drive for the better part of an hour.

We talk about backup all the time, but do we really HAVE a good backup plan?  I've had backup on a hard drive, but I'll tell you - a system that automatically backs up even the temporary profile before Windows ejects it into Cyberspace is something I just have to love.

So, yes, I'm talking about it and no, they don't pay me.  I know there are other backups - Mozy and Sugar Sync get talked about a lot.  But for me, now, Carbonite - You've made my (and my son's) night.

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