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Monday, February 06, 2012

YouTube subscriptions to rock the classroom

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YouTube's initiative to add original programming to their site is producing quite a few "channels" of interest to the educator. It would make sense to set up a YouTube account for your school id and have a filtering system that lets you bypass to get to these great resources. YouTube is a distribution system and like all distribution systems: books, podcasts, etc. it has been criticized for content. It is and always has been: what content do you access that determines how well it is used.

So, here's a roundup of some of the YouTube channels you may wish to add to your YouTube subscriptions. Now, I just have to get on my Roku to determine the best way to bring these into my living room.

The Open University - Produced by open.edu there are many topics here and ratings on their website, but now the content is being syndicated to YouTube as well. Check out the website for free courses and close captioned video.

Yale University courses has a channel and playlists. It isn't quite as well organized as some of the others but is one you can use to find more content.

Library of Congress YouTube Channel - I've noticed some literary author's having their birthdays celebrated here but also concerts, national book events and more. This is a treasure for librarians and literature teachers.

BBC Worldwide - The "best of British TV" has come to Youtube. In addition to educational content, there are also playlists with clips of great shows like Sherlock. (which is coming back for a second season. I have to wonder, however, when they'll realize to just put the whole show through so we can watch it.

The Intelligent Channel - this is a new launch (read the Open culture article) to establish "intelligent conversation" on the web.

The Spangler Effect - A science teacher who makes science fun. This is a great channel and has tons of potential. (See the Guinness World Record experiement opener.) I do hope that he lets us start forwarding past the disclaimer which is a bit long to have at the beginning of each video.It is funny once and I'd show it the first time, but the other times, it should be a skipper.

TED Education channel - Where teachers will share their lessons.

If you want to get a full rundown of new channels coming to Youtube, check out their list of original channels. Of interested to educators, Deep Sky Videos (depths of space, galaxies, etc.), Sci Show,

Personally, I'm looking forward to being able to subscribe to "Stan Lee's World of Heroes" but it isn't available yet.

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