4 Reasons I bought Microsoft Surface after wrestling alligators (guest post by Mark, my nephew)

When my nephew, Mark, used his birthday money and money he'd earned from working on his Mom & Dad's gator farm to buy a Microsoft Surface, I asked him to tell me why. It is important that we cover all platforms and make up our minds. I've used Windows 8 and have a touch-enabled Lenovo m90z at home and at school and believe that Microsoft has moved forward. I've asked Mark to share here on my blog on an ongoing basis. Mark is also one of my students and came to show me his new Surface the day he bought it. Mark bought a "Windows RT Surface." When I look at the Computer information it says the manufacturer is Microsoft.
When Mark bought his surface, he brought it to school to show me right away.
by Mark, guest blogger
I bought the surface for many reasons. But these four are the main reasons why I decided to work hard for weeks on my dad’s alligator farm to earn the money needed to purchase this device.
I had a very hard decision to make. I had to decide if I wanted to buy Apple’s iPad, which was slightly cheaper, or the Surface. I had to spend a lot of time researching to decide which tablet to spend my hard earned cash on. Eventually I made up my mind and decided that the Surface was the right choice for me.

1. Portability

A reason I bought the surface is its portability. It is a very convenient size for using it on an airplane, car, or just carrying it with you on your day to day routine. In fact I am typing this up on the way to the airport! The touch or type cover, when purchased, can protect the Surface and especially the screen when you travel with it.

2. Convertibility

Another reason I bought the Surface is its ability to change from a tablet to a laptop. As a consumer, I couldn’t decide if I would rather buy a laptop or a tablet. When I found the surface, I was amazed that it wasn’t only a tablet, but could function as a laptop as well. If I want to play a game, I can use it in tablet form, but when I am ready to work, all I do is flip out the kickstand and snap in the touch cover and I am ready to work.

3. Usability

One of the great things about the surface is its ability to use the internet smoothly. Other tablets, such as the iPad, have trouble running the internet and showing flash videos and playing flash games. (I also notice now that the Surface loads YouTube videos faster than Dad's iPad). The Surface can easily surf the web, and show you that video, helping you finish that grueling school project or research that new business idea.

4. Compatibility

A great thing about the Surface is its compatibility with Office programs. Apple products and other tablets might have their own version of Word, Powerpoint, or Excel, but none of them compete with Microsoft Office. The new touch optimized version of office allows you to work casually, and then snap in the type cover to get productive.
I'm interested in purchasing a Windows phone next. (By the way I want a Nokia Lumia 928 in case someone out there is listening.)

Mark takes his Surface everywhere. He just calls it "My Surface."

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