Don't Stop Believing: The Retiring Principal Flashmob you've gotta see

Principal Roger Boddie  has led Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts for 36 years. On his last day on the job, the entire school surprised him with a flashmob to "Don't Stop Believing."

The words he says in shock and surprise (you've got to listen to all he says) are:

"I always knew I'd miss the kids..."

In there is loaded, the things he won't miss.

What will we not miss?

I needed to hear and see this video today. There are some things in schools that are quite challenging to deal with. We all have them. They are upsetting. They keep us awake at night. They even sometimes cause us to question if we can make it another day. But, in my case, out of all the things that frustrate me... it has never... not once been my students.

In fact, for most of us, the students are our WHY. They are why we do it.

Education needs us to keep on believing

Right now, education needs you... it needs me... it needs us to not stop believing. Don't stop believing in the kids. Don't stop believing that you can still make a legacy.

We are amidst a time of great turmoil, largely caused by the digitization of society and education along with it. Teaching is the hardest job that everyone thinks they can do. Everyone has had a teacher but there are very few who could actually breathe the air in the classroom without running for the hills.

Don't stop believing.

You can all give me a million reasons in the comments about why you're betrayed, misunderstood and hurt. We all have these stories of hurt and pain. Of injustice and incredulity. We've all be hurt by those we try to protect. There are many times parents, kids, or even admin have told one side of the story where we're bound by silence not to tell the truth.

Don't stop believing.

We have work to do. We have a generation to educate. Our actions scream a lecture we cannot mute with our words. What will those actions say about what we believe about education?

Will they say your life said:

  • There is no injustice so great that I will not suffer it so you can learn.
  • There is no problem too big that I won't show up and teach you any way.
  • I don't care if the media disparages me, I believe in my mission and nothing will stop me.
  • I will love you even when you don't love yourself.
  • I will help you see the genius in you when you don't think you can even tie your show.
  • I will believe in you when you don't believe in yourself.
  • Even when society puts down teachers, I will not put down my desire to teach you.
  • I will live in a way knowing that I'm among the noble and time will show just how noble... but even if it does not... I will teach because it is the right thing to do.

For every reason to do something, there are a hundred not to. But that one is the most important reason - and that one usually comes in the face of a child.

I'm heading to the Common Core State Standards National Conference put on by many different organizations including the Center for College and Career Readiness. I was perusing the hashtag when I came across this tweet that showed me the video and want to give credit to @schoolsrock for pointing it out. Just another reason to follow the hashtags for the conferences you attend. This one is #ccssconf2013 - so follow along starting today through Saturday. My handouts will be on this page.

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