How your students can join the #quest2matter and change the world @angelamaiers

The Quest 2 Matter is here! 

Listen to my interview with Agnela about the #quest2matter (Every Classroom Matters on BAM Radio)

Think of a for student ideas to improve the world and the rest of the world. That is the platform that is being built behind Quest 2 Matter. Some incredible opportunities are here for rich student participation.Whether it is on the back end helping manage and run the projects (some of my students are spending time on their summer passion projects volunteering in the movement in social media, judging, etc. Kids really are behind this movement) or submitting their quest.

I sat down recently with +Angela Maiers  (@angelamaiers) to understand the details about the Quest2Matter and how your students can participate. Watch as your students solve a problem. Help them upload their videos to the Quest 2 Matter website. The best will be selected and curated for an opportunity to mentor and be scaled globally. The Huff Post video above gives an overview about the movement from a business/ college perspective. My show focused on students and the classroom.

This is an important part of the #geniushour movement (See Engage Students and Supercharge Learning with #geniushour) It is also passion based learning and integrates well with digital storytelling.

If you're looking for the PERFECT way to end the school year THIS IS IT!

Links from the #Quest2Matter Show

Flyer -
YouTube channel: -- Many students including my own have been involved in the Quest2Matter. They are excited and share their stories.

FAQ about Quest2Matter and how to join:
Rules for the Quest2Matter

Respond to the Huff Post Video Above:

I hope you'll join in the quest2matter!

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