6 Steps to Be a Better Communicator

Communication can be challenging for many who feel invisible. In today's show, Dr. William Lane offers encouragement for those who struggle to communicate. With six simple steps, he helps us understand how to empower those who struggle to communicate by starting small. I hope this show will help educators both empathize and encourage our students (and colleagues) who struggle to communicate.


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Dr. William Lane - Bio As Submitted

Dr. William Lane is a dynamic, engaging, and sought-after international speaker with a gift for sharing his own inspirational story and success strategies to create effective interpersonal communication skills. As a talented educator of those with special needs and the teachers who teach them, his knowledge was born through helping countless individuals like himself who have struggled with communication difficulties. Through Dr. Lane's proven techniques, audiences have learned how to better connect with those around them by adopting the tools he shares to initiate and maintain conversations, become more engaged, active listeners, and finally, begin to fit in.

Book: Stop Being Invisible: Overcoming Communication Barriers

Twitter: @drwilliamlane

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