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Thursday, January 16, 2020

How to Teach Social Emotional Learning with the Arts (aka SEAL)

Elizabeth Peterson was learning about SEL and as an art teacher, she knew she could teach Social Emotional Learning with the arts. So, she did. Then, she called it SEAL. Learn what she did, how it impacted students and her thoughts on this method of teaching social emotional learning.


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Elizabeth Peterson - Bio As Submitted

Elizabeth Peterson is a teacher, author and professional development provider through her website www.theinspiredclassroom.com. An arts integration specialist, she has provided workshops, retreats and online courses for educators for over 14 years. Elizabeth's latest work is in SEAL, Social-Emotional Artistic Learning, where she teaches a framework that empowers teachers to reach and teach their students while integrating the arts with SEL. For more information about SEAL, visit www.teachSEAL.com.



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