How to Create Apps in the Classroom and Inspire Design Thinking

Students can build apps and collaboration skills at the same time. Today's episode features my friend Alefiya Master, the CEO of MAD-Learn, and the sponsor of today's show. We discuss the transformative role of app-building, collaborative learning, design thinking, and the importance of authentic learning experiences. Alefiya shares how app building can enhance STEM education and how it also teaches essential skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and passion-based learning. If you're doing collaborative projects and design in your classroom, you'll get practical ideas for how you can modify your projects to encourage collaboration and real-world learning.

Show notes, transcript, and author bio: 

Show Sponsor: MAD-Learn is a free, easy tool for students to use to build apps of their own in a private space for just you and your students. You can publish it and share it with a limited audience, or design something bigger. When people ask me my favorite App-building tool, I always say MAD-Learn. MAD-Learn is an amazing collaborative app building tool. Not only have I used MAD-Learn for the first global collaborative app-building project, I love having my students build together and host a "shark tank competition." I love how my students can edit together but can also view live changes on their smartphones using a QR code demo that is still private just to them and me. Their site is full of every presentation, rubric, and even a full curricuulm to teach design thinking and app building. Go to  to start your trial today.

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