Free in 50 Languages: The Hedy Programming Language Phenomenon

Felienne Hermans is a middle school teacher one day a week, and college professor four days a week. She created a natural language programming tool in Dutch and English. After she released Hedy as open source, it became popular in many places and now has been translated into 50 languages and is spreading throughout the world. Hedy is a fantastic way to teach computational thinking and programming in an easy text-based way as students create flowers, music, and their own programs with the tool. Named after Hedy Lamar, both a movie star and electrical engineer who created a method used in today's wifi routers, let's talk about how every school can teach programming to kids in their native language and how teachers -- even those with no coding experience -- can get started!

Show notes and full transcript:

Show Sponsor: MAD-Learn is a free, easy tool for students to use to build apps of their own in a private space for just you and your students. You can publish it and share it with a limited audience, or design something bigger. When people ask me my favorite App-building tool, I always say MAD-Learn. MAD-Learn is an amazing collaborative app building tool. Not only have I used MAD-Learn for the first global collaborative app-building project, I love having my students build together and host a "shark tank competition." I love how my students can edit together but can also view live changes on their smartphones using a QR code demo that is still private just to them and me. Their site is full of every presentation, rubric, and even a full curricuulm to teach design thinking and app building. Go to  to start your trial today.

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