Security and Privacy tips from the Westwood Wiki

This has been a very busy week (and its only Monday.) My tenth grade Computer Science class has made an amazing start on their wiki book with Chapter 1 on Online Safety and Privacy:

Here is the chapter outline:
If you want to know how to keep your computer safe and yourself, you should take time to read what my amazing students have done. If you think your privacy is safe, you should look at some of the websites on their effective online privacy wiki. After six months, they have really begun to understand how to make beautiful and attractive wikis. They are using screenshots and making many of their own graphics.

These wikis were based upon their team class presentations on each of these topics. At the conclusion of the project, they were required to create a team wiki. Each person in the 2 person group was required to post. They each had to post at least two external links with information not referenced in the textbook and a graphic.

I have created a wiki hall of fame and now I have at least three of these that may deserve it. What do you think?

This is the power of the wiki. The ability to coax and encourage students to create amazing work that extends its reach far beyond the classroom to improve the lives of others. These tenth graders are amazing!

Wiki tip: Do not put spaces in your jpg file or you will get a dead link on wikispaces!

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