Wikis, Blogs, and Videos at Westwood these past two weeks

Needless to say, you can tell from the photo that I teach a bunch of animals! Well, not literally, but it is homecoming week and combined with personal stress, I have to keep focused and remember to "keep the main thing the main thing."

I've had some inquiries about what we've been doing lately. Although I'm in the midst of assessing some of these projects, I'd like to share with you the main projects we've completed.

Crispy News as a model for understanding the Grassroots Media Movement
As part of my weekly question two weeks a go, I created a news aggregation site for our class on Crispy News. -

It is open and the students still don't quite have a handle of it. I want them to understand the importance that voting will have on the future of media. This is still emerging, but I believe that future models of news will include a definite "vote" factor as the grassroots media emerges. We are still working on this one and will be discussing this more when this project completes.

Higher Level thinking skills in Computer Fundamentals

It is tempting for people to relegate the learning of software to

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