Motivational Monday: Non Partisan Basics of Democracy

Today for Motivational Monday, I want to share a video that I came across recently. I think that Richard Dreyfus' proposal on the non partisan basics of democracy are important to listen.

I am a Christian and yet, I promote and allow full debate on all subjects in my classroom. Free choice is a tenet of my faith. Everyone has a choice of what to believe. I can (and will) share my faith, but each person has a RIGHT to have their own faith. They have a right to choose. (Of course, truth is not determined by what we believe, I believe the truth is the truth, however, we do have a right to decide for ourselves.)

While, the discussion of the roots of democracy at the end could be debated, at the beginning he talks about how we must encourage civility, reason, logic, clarity, dissent, and debate. I couldn't agree more! (I'm sure if I think a bit longer, I could figure out something that he missed, however, the thoughts this provokes are so important and fit with the discussion we've had on digital citizenship.)

Also, if you missed Friday's post on Social Networking and what needs to happen to make it usable for education, please go read it. I spent a long time on it and feel strongly that it is something we need to communicate to facebook and other social networking sites to make it usable for us and education.

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