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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daily Spotlight on Education 10/18/2008

  • Cool article on twitter tools and plug ins for twitter. These help us see into what can be done with twitter, the cool tool that is really a customized, unique search engine of people.

    tags: education, twitter, edu_newapp, wireless_connectivity, worldonline, social_entrepreneurship, arts_entertainment, pln, web2.0

  • Using a program called strawpoll to play with twitter polls. This makes it very useful. I'm going to include this on a blog post -- fascinating tool.

    tags: education, twitter, specialneeds_teacher, edu_newapp

  • Twitter keys that you can add to twitter. Just a fun little add in.

    tags: education, twitter

  • Loonyhiker has a MUST read post about a child who was in gifted programs and had a brain trauma and then, was treated by his teachers as being lazy because they couldn't see on the outside that any thing was different. It breaks my heart but is a story to share with people to understand the brain.

    Don't automatically assume a child is lazy, understand that the brain is something you cannot see and learning disabilities, ADHD, and brain issues are tough to understand.

    tags: education, learningdisabilities, specialneeds_teacher, all_teachers

  • Excellent music player that I enjoy using.

    tags: education, web2.0, worldonline, arts_entertainment, information_change, virtual_communication

  • Forward this survey to parents - it is a highlights and glubble joint survey. I'm glad they are looking at this because I know of very few parents who discuss online activities and safety with their child.

    tags: education, digitalcitizenship, ad4dcss, best practice, internet safety

  • Tech Forum Northeast is next Friday, October 24th. They do a GREAT job with these and I wish I could have gone this year. I have Georgia Tech Homecoming Friday -- GO JACKETS!

    tags: education, educational_conference

  • Some push back in IT is happening such as this case with an IT director who said he was fired for "blowing the whistle" on innappropriate IT behavior such as problems with the grade reporting software and a computer with confidential student information that was breached without reporting it to the state.

    These sorts of things have both sides. The point that I would take here is to listen to IT directors when they have concerns: just because you don't understand the problem doesn't mean there is a problem, and that ethics must be applied when things are dealt with in IT.

    tags: education, edu_news

  • The kind acts foundation will send you pins to give to your students who have done acts of kindness. This would be good as part of a character education program.

    tags: education, all_teachers, character_education

  • Yale is joining the open bandwagon and now has some more open courses including courses on "The American Novel Since 1945" "introduction to Greek History, Civil War History, France history since 1871, Milton, physics and engineering.

    There are great college level resources becoming available. There are also many audio books and online podcasts here.

    tags: education, learning, information_change, worldonline, prediction, pln

  • If your school has united streaming and you do things to teach others about how to use this resource, you can become a STAR educator. Here is the application process and let me know, I'll be happy to help you.

    I have an ulterior motive on this one -- if I help recruit a STAR by December 1st, I can get a mythbusters or Deadliest catch DVD and really would love to give this to my son. Like all of you, I'm scrambling this year on Christmas to slash the budget and still do great things. (Hey, some of you might want to give my book for Christmas ;-)

    So, if you decide to join and want a little help, let me know. And if you do so, let me know and I can get credit and get a DVD -- my son LOVES mythbusters!!

    I've been a STAR educator for some time now, and it is another great networking program. They also have their summer institutes. They have a wealth of great resources and UNITED STREAMING is my teacher's FAVORITE classroom subscription that we have.

    tags: education, edu_news

  • Discovery education has the greatest WEbinars. I'm going to attend the one next Wednesday with Bernie Dodge. These are free great sessions. I highly recommend listening to the one with Bernie Dodge - he is doing some great work and came on wow2 last year and talked about webquests and web 2.0 and was getting ready to embark on some really cool work. I"ve GOT to hear what he has to say. This is great for teachers and anyone teaching educators.

    tags: education, all_teachers, edu_news

  • My Dad has diabetes as did my grandfather. This is a great program and discovery does things right -- please consider letting your students join this great event.

    "Discovery Education has launched a program for high school health/science teachers designed to help educate students about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The site includes lesson plans (coming soon), lots of videos and multimedia interactives on digestion, blood glucose and diabetes.

    To recognize World Diabetes Day on November 14, all students with Type 1 diabetes are encouraged to create videos to "Shout Out" about diabetes and tell their story. For each video submitted, Novo Nordisk will make a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help fund research leading to a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Plus, each student who submits a video will receive a free Discovery DVD. "

    tags: education, discovery, worldonline, social_entrepreneurship

  • Celebration of teaching and learning conference will be held March 6 and 7th, 2009 from 8 - 5 pm and will feature Sir Kenneth Robinson (WOW!) - and several others including Alan Alda. This will be held at the Hilton in New York.

    I wish I could attend and WISH they would consider having an online stream of this, not everyone can get up there, especially those of us wih NO travel budget.

    tags: education, edu_news

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