Ode to Virtuality

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Ode to Virtuality

I keep getting stuck in the wall
teleporting to a shack in the air and then I fall
stuck in  box, wearing a cube
running into someone and feeling like a rube

Mixing up my controls and walking off cliffs
messing up the sim when I write a bad script
falling up, falling down, heck, I even fell sideways
but my students are happily working these days.

But even though I sometimes am a bit slow
this is the way I must learn to teach, I know.
The power, the strength, we're on the cusp of change
again we move forward though many stay the same.

To OpenSim, virtual worlds, we embark and builds
Notecards, objects, scripting, an emerging of guilds.
Learning so much, and yet, still needing more
Thankful to learn.  Thrilled to explore.

Invention, learning, creativity, choice - this is NetGen
whether you like it or not, they fill the classroom you're in.
Time to evolve, to create anew
to build a newer, a virtual you.

Vicki Davis a/k/a Cool Cat Whitman
Come on in -- the sim is fine!

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