Daily Spotlight on Education 05/01/2009

  • Disney has now bought into hulu to provide an online method for syndicating content.

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  • Great article about the partnership between University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and our latest Flat Classroom Project, NetGenEd. This sort of arrangement in which preservice teachers served as expert advisors and judges for the project provided real, authentic learning experiences for both students and participants. We skyped into Eric's classroom a few times to talk to his students about pedagogy and they did a great job providing feedback and input on the project. It would make sense that many more preservice programs are going to want to put in authentic distance learning experiences for their preservice teachers and there are many teachers who need high quality feedback and educator review and interaction for their projects.

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  • Flat Classroom Q2 Session Keynote was from Richard J Roth, Senior Associate Dean for Journalism from Northwestern University in Qatar. The podcast is available on this page. It is about Citizen Journalism. Also included on this page are Citizen Journalims and code of ethics and your guide to citizen journalism available on this page.

    As you can tell, the focus of this Quarter's Flat Classroom project is citizen journalism.

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