Hardlink to the Future: QR Codes

QR Codes allow us to link the physical world and virtual world through barcodes through a process called hardlinking.  If you see the QR Code for my website to the left which I generated at kaywa and put on my website to the left and also printed some copies.

So, if this was in the physical world -- say by my door, someone could read it with a QR code reader and it would give them the information coded into it via a text message - or perhaps eventually put that information into their contacts.

Now, this sounds kind of silly to some, however, it has some very interesting applications. For example, you want to remember the details about a person - you can snap a picture and all the information is there without having to write it down or worry about the fact that you were too far away for it to show up in the photo.

Nike did this with a Mountain Dew promotion this past February using MMS - which is texting that includes pictures.  Geraldine Jones from the University of Bath seems to be doing some interesting work in this area and QR Code scavenger hunts are popping up.

Hall Davidson has been talking about these for some time in his ever popular cell phones in schools presentation (which I think he's giving at NECC again this year.)

This is definitely an emerging field of which I am NOT an expert. I'm sitting here with lovely printed QR codes trying to make my cell phone read them and convert them in to text and right now, it looks like my Motorola v750 doesn't meet the "qualifications" to make this work.  Just so you know what I know. I've pasted in the many twitter responses on QR Codes and perhaps we can learn together.  One thing is for sure, I will make this WORK before Saturday when I'm doing a cell phone workshop.  There are so many great things, but to me, using these in museums and in the "real world" can create some deep learning experiences -- see, now these QR codes are just attached to text, but what happens when they have video, audio, and more attached to them.  Your child who is fascinated by the caveman exhibiltion at the Smithsonian will scan the QR code and have delivered to his cell phone video, audio, perhaps even books (in a Kindle like way) relating to his topic. 

Hardlinking is going to be important because it is the next natural progression of things.  GPS devices and QR Codes are further linking us into a rich web of learning.

The first response that most people have to this sort of thing is:
How stupid?
Too much technology, why don't we get out and play?
Who on earth would want to do that?

However, as my Dad used to say -- if everybody thinks it is a good idea - you're too late.  I seem to recall the same things being said about twitter 2 years a go.  This is life and life is change. 

So, if you are a QR Code expert - teach me and how do I make this bloomin' cell phone read those things without racking up horrible data charges! Ughh!

Twitter responses below.

  1. leighmurrell
    leighmurrell@coolcatteacher That is why I heart twitter. I would love to learn about it! Are you going to present it at NECC?
  2. AJ Wms
    ajwms@coolcatteacher Oh yes, museums would be awesome! We were thinking marketing 4 schools and media within online courses! BeeTag wks gr8 4 me
  3. Margarita Quihuis
    msquihuis@coolcatteacher there are better QR Code readers for iphone - QuickMark, Intelliscan, Neoreader #iphone #qr code
  4. AJ Wms
    ajwms@coolcatteacher They say things follow you. Your post is so timely as we are just starting to explore QR codes here..I am totally fascinated
  5. Hiram Cuevas
    cuevash@coolcatteacher wow, you are going 2 b busy. I would have notes too. You've got fabulous material. Time 2 shine-be well.
  6.  Doug Belshaw
    dajbelshawJust watched short Edutopia video showcasing what @coolcatteacher has been up to. Great stuff! (http://bit.ly/lEzsh)
  7. Kathy Kaldenberg
    scsdmedia@coolcatteacher Could it be http://bit.ly/3lyj1 . Not a cell phone tho.
  8. LSA_Paul
    LSA_Paul@murcha, @julielindsay and @coolcatteacher Sorry I missed this. Could have participated as an Oz teacher seeing I am in Sydney this week :(
  9. murcha
    murchaI think that was the first time that three schools shared the student summit. An amazing experince. Thanks @julielindsay and @coolcatteacher
  10. AugmentedAdvertising
    AugmentedAdvertRT: @coolcatteacher hi I use Bee Tag which reads QR codes Lots of work being done on this in UK Tricias had a.. http://tinyurl.com/mhmdb5
  11. Eric Marcos
    mathtrain.@coolcatteacher I use the barcodes on my Mathtrain site and I put them on my biz cards too! I use kaywa.
  12. Doug Dickinson
    orunner@coolcatteacher hi I use Bee Tag which reads QR codes Lots of work being done on this in UK Tricias had a QR as her avatar for a while
  13. AugmentedAdvertising
    AugmentedAdvertRT: @coolcatteacher QR Codes?: @coolcatteacher QR Codes? http://tinyurl.com/kw3ndv
  14. QR Power
    qrpower@coolcatteacher - you're talking about a QR code. You can create them here: http://lo.ly/37 and learn about them.. http://bit.ly/XaVtU
  15. christopher robin
    theikidsblog@coolcatteacher - you're talking about a QR code. You can create them here: http://lo.ly/37 and learn about them here - http://lo.ly/22
  16. Nancy Pratt
    npratt@robindcrow hey Robin try following: @kerrygallivan, @wfryer, @bethstill, kgustin, @debrennersmith, @coolcatteacher, @isteconnects
  17. leighmurrell
    leighmurrell@coolcatteacher hall davis talked about it in his cell phone preso at CUE
  18. QR Power
    qrpower@coolcatteacher re: personal barcode - I think this is the one you may be thinking of: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ .. http://bit.ly/SYx9I
  19. QR Power
    qrpower@coolcatteacher QR code there are several readers you can get for your phone http://bit.ly/P0ud0
  20. cwebbtech@coolcatteacher re: personal barcode - I think this is the one you may be thinking of: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ (from @tscheeler).
  21. coachburk
    coachburk@coolcatteacher My friend has an Android phone and he get take picture of the Barcode of things and it will show him prices elsewhere
  22. Susan Ens Funk
    sfens@coolcatteacher I don't get how the bar code thing works, what would you be learning?
  23. Kathleen Weaver
    kathweaver@coolcatteacher Microsoft has a "tag" program that you can take a picture of a tag and it's linked to a contact
  24. Jo Fothergill
    dragonsinger57@coolcatteacher QR code there are several readers you can get for your phone
  25. Richard Culatta
    rec54@coolcatteacher Yeah, go to scanlife.com - you can put it on business cards or whatever and then take a pic with the ScanLife app for iPhone
  26. Ann Oro
    njtechteacherIcon_lock@coolcatteacher Listen to @betchaboy podcast QR codes are interesting: http://bit.ly/ngH9s
  27. Miss Lily
    Lilylauren@coolcatteacher http://www.scanlife.com/atl...
  28. Alan Levine
    cogdog@coolcatteacher QRcode generator http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
  29. Damian Bariexca
    damian613@coolcatteacher http://is.gd/19KtT
  30. Damian Bariexca
    damian613@coolcatteacher QR Codes?
  31. Miss Lily
    Lilylauren@coolcatteacher more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
  32. Miss Lily
    Lilylauren@coolcatteacher hey they are EZ codes more info here http://bit.ly/9KyQF they are cool i knw a little
  33. Alfred Thompson
    alfredtwo@coolcatteacher http://www.microsoft.com/tag/ perhaps?

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