Getting Ready to Start the School Year: Tips and Tricks to Get You Going

I've been in mega-recovery mode after NECC and just returning from vacation. (I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.)  We rafted, duckied, hiked, picnic'ed, shopped, cooked and ate quite a bit all while hanging out with 14 of our closest family members - -it was great! Always the highlight of my year.

Am getting ready to get back in the blogging swing, but was just reviewing my notes to myself on starting out the school year and my routines -- for the newcomers to my blog - thought you might want to see these.

Starting the School Year off Right: Part 1 -- Set the Pace
Starting the School Year off Right: Part 2 -- Establish the Flow
Starting the School Year off Right: Part 3 -- Create the Plan

Am spending quite a bit of time on this as well as working on projects and also trying to get this book I've been working on for 2 years now to print.

Have so much to share - hope this gets you started as our beautiful summer is waning. Enjoy every moment and remember -- get ready and prepare. A few days of solitude in your classroom over the summer can make a huge difference in your year!

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