MiFi is now my Traveling WiFi

I've been evaluating for some time the best way to connect in a mobile way - do we all go with SmartPhones? Do I get a cell modem.

We're on a tight budget but I had a little bit to do something with to get through June and July.

It is very important to me to do things the right way and cleaning out my inbox down to zero has becoming a habit - I've gone for three weeks straight and only missed one day! What a relief!

So, looking at all the options and knowing that Verizon will hopefully get the iPhone later this year. My whole family is pretty iTouch dependent. I have my laptop. I played with the Droid Incredible and had problems with the keyboard. Just not what I wanted.

The best option for us was the Verizon MiFi modem that lets you connect 5 devices over wireless anywhere there is cell service. We used it in the car on the way to Albany last night and the only drawback was the little thing gets pretty doggone hot.  I suggest that you get the plastic case that lets you clip it on your purse or laptop bag (they said clip it on my belt - but not if you don't want a hot pocket! Literally!)

I'm really excited about this and making things easier.  We're paying $59.95 for 5 GB a month on it - which is the same as if I had a USB plug in on my laptop that I could use on only one device at  a time.  For our busy family on the budget, it is better - if we went with smartphones, we'd have data on the phones and I'd still have a laptop that didn't have data.

Now, if I could find a good microphone/ headset option for my itouch we can just skype and use that tool - although I still do really desire the iPhone - AT&T service is just horrific out here in the boonies.

I told my husband that I guess I'm a traveling "hotspot" -  I look at the computing power in my pocketbook - monstrous jump drives on my keychains, a small 1TB hard drive and now a roving wifi node - amazing!

As long as it improves my life and makes it better. If not, I don't have any use for it. OK, so now that I've checked email and written this post using MiFi - I have time to go spend with my family.


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