It is easy to have courage when you're OUT.

Out of school -- OUT of the loop -- OUT of sync.  In fact, OUT courage is when someone is on the outside looking in telling that person to be brave in the face of a struggle.

Those I admire are those with IN-courage.

Do you keep a positive attitude IN the face of struggle?
When you are truly facing IN-surmountable odds - you're a teacher who had their preplanning cut and you have to start school on the first day with the students1

When you are IN the midst of facing furloughs and don't know how much is going to be put IN your bank account every month. (It is happening NOW in Georgia.)

When you are receiving INsufficient training because all PD has been cut for the next two years because of budget cuts.

If you keep your positive attitude -- if you continue to give your best to your students -- if you continue to act with nobility IN this situation then you are my hero.

Teachers -- let's have some IN-courage.

One day when we're retired and we look back on these days you'll be able to reminisce

"Yes, they cut everything -

my pay,
my professional development

...but I loved those kids so much I went in and preplanned anyway -

I still gave it my all -- I still went online and read like crazy to learn.

Those days were tough but IN the midst of it all I was a teacher and knew that the future was IN my hands. It wasn't the kids fault that these adults had screwed up the budget and spent their future for our past.

So, I gave something that was more valuable than money -- my heart, my time, my life."

And you, one day, should you decide to have IN-courage-ment --

you will have truly grasped and found what the nobility of being a teacher is all about.

Keep the faith my friends -- never let anyone steal your nobility - it is NOT for sale. IT cannot be taken -- no one can give it away.

The person who can make it through this time will truly be the heroes of our generation. May it be that we are found to be the greatest generation of teachers - a generation that could not be discouraged by the IN-undation of our times.

IN-courage one another, my friends. Those who do not teach do not really know nor can they - we appreciate their support but truly our attitude will show the nobility of our cause.
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