Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 12/18/2011

  • Julie and I spent some time with Silvia Tolisano talking about global collaboration, telling the story of how the flat classroom started and why we kept it going and the reason for the book. Also we snuck into the things shared in the book that we hope will help those involved in global education make it scalable and consistent. Probably the most fun was our discussion near the end about how Silvia and I "met" online and how we covered ISTE2006 from afar on our computers (pre twitter.) it was a fun talk.

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  • Teacher Karie Huttner shares how her third grade classroom is using FaceJack and Discovery images along with demonstrations and videos. I think that using image data banks is a great idea because licensing and copyright is not an issue in this case. FaceJack is an app. Cool work here and great sharing including how they cite sources. Elementary teachers will enjoy her blog.

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  • But the excuses and lead is a great post for administrators to read. Spawned as he watched excuse after excuse scroll past his Twitterfall from a Twitterchat, this excellent post is worth a read. Further proof that when we connect, we put our finger on the pulse of changed and have the conversations that need to happen. Read and respond. Great job, Dave!

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  • The sooner kids realize that most magazine images are photoshopped, the better. I remember a model on a tv show being asked what it feels to look like her and responding thatbwith all the photoshop on her photos that she wished she looked like herself too! This is a great thing and some would like advertisers to start disclosing the percentage of their photos that are photoshopped.

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