Lead the World! #k12online11 Video from Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay

As team captains, Julie and I were asked to bring forth our comments about leading global collaborative projects and we have some very current comments on what we're doing now in there. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.


Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay with Curt Bonk, Anne Mirtschin, Judy O'Connell, Dean Shareski, Don Tapscott, David Warlick, Flat Classroom conference students - Doha Qatar, Suffern Middle School (Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom), Mt. Carmel High School (Suzie Nestico), Phoenix School (Betsye Sargent), West Tisbury (Valerie Becker), and Flat Classroom Students


Students are the greatest textbook ever written for each other, yet, many schools close the book on learning outside classroom walls. After five years of global collaborative classroom excellence, this presentation first uses voices from the keynoters, students, and teachers around the world that have been part of the Flat Classroom projects and conferences to share how education has fundamentally changed through a beautiful medley of voices.

Then, hear from Vicki Davis, co-founder, about the 7 principles that can take your classroom global and the current challenges and misconceptions surrounding what it means to globalize your classroom. (Read more about these in Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay)

We hope you'll join this journey of learning and thank all of our keynoters, students, and teachers, for sharing their voice in this move towards excellence in global education.


Video has been used from past Flat Classroom project keynotes, student presentations, and the Flat Classroom conference. The full videos have been linked below and we encourage you to view all of these videos. All keynote videos of our projects have been linked. Due to some technical difficulties 2-3 videos were not able to be incorporated into this k12 online presentation and for that, Vicki Davis, producer of this video sincerely apologizes. We are working to download and process the full version of your videos so that this will not be a problem should this style be used in the future.

Dean Shareski FCP2007
Terry Freedman FCP 2008
John Turner FCP 09-01
Richard Roth FCP 09-02
Curt Bonk FCP 09-03
Judy O'Connoll FCP 10-01
Mount Carmel FCP 10-02
David Warlick FCP 10-03a
David Warlick FCP 10-03b
Cultural Connect FCP 11-01
Anne Mirtschin FCP 11-03
Karl Fisch Horizon 2007
Tapscott Horizon 2008
Peggy Sheehy & kids NetGen 09
Mumbai Conference Video NetGen 2010

This video is chock full of global leaders and students. I've added a few thoughts at the end. (And yes, if you look closely, you can see a fly that is dive bombing me during the filming - but it could not be helped. ;-)
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