Why do we kill da green pigs?

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Guest post by my student Michael C. This talented young eighth grader has a wit that I love and I thought you would too. Here, he takes a chance to write about his favorite game in his "opinion post." See my notes at the end.

by Michael C. 8th grade student, Westwood Schools.

Why is it that we kill the green pigs in "Angry Birds"? Some might say that it is because it is fun, but I have found that there is hardly any fun involved. Just anger at the pigs. What have they done to us? They have not done anything. 

Yet we often become addicted to causing their death. It can not be that we want to help the birds. If we wanted to help them then we would arm them with real weapons, but we launch them to their death instead. 

I believe that it is the frustration they cause us. They are like a puzzle we can not solve. Every waking moment we spend that they are still alive makes us so angry we want to destroy the device that gives them life, but our iphone or ipad is to expensive to destroy, so we destroy the pigs. 

It frustrates us they look so stupid. Such stupid things should be easy to kill, but they are so hard to kill. This makes us very angry. When we fail to kill them, they grin as stupidly as possible. This makes the failure worse, because they look even stupider. This makes us feel stupid, but we suddenly realize something. 

We are not stupid. The game is! We should not have bought it in the first place. But it is to late, for we will never forget the green pigs.

A note from Mrs. Davis

Students should have the chance to do all kinds of writing. Essay writing is not all there is. First person writing in blog style is important. At this point, this student has written three posts and is being challenged to find his voice and have an opinion. We're not working on hyperlinking or other skills, just having a voice and writing in a way that engages the reader. 

At first, I was going to mention about using the word "stupid" but it is interesting. With the way he ends up with the piece, I actually think it is making fun of the game and serves as a repetition of sorts just like we repeat the bird throwing silliness. Thought you would enjoy this.  Great work, Michael C. (thanks to his parents for giving me permission to share this with the world. I hope they let him create his own blog.)

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