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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock #teaching 03/29/2012

  • This infographic shares about the dissatisfaction level of teachers. While it points at specific areas such as increasing class size and out of date educational technology as issues, it misses some of the big issues I hear: paperwork ad nauseum, administrators that think that students have to be catered to instead of held accountable (many teachers aren't being backed up by admin even when very disrespectful behavior happens) as well as stress from a pretty unsupportive general public. The teachers I know are resilient, amazing people, and they will thrive and move ahead. We will keep our eye on students.

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  • Here's a game about recycling for children. Every time it is played, the company sponsoring it will plant trees.

    tags: education earth hour lessonplans teaching environment

  • Emotional well being is a tough one this time of year. With testing upon us in the US, many students are stressed out. Here are some lesson plans and an index of issues that will give you resources whether the problem is food, money, sex, drugs, or cyberbullying. 

    tags: education teaching lessonplans

  • Here's the earth hour Facebook fan page. Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 pm (your time.) 685K have already liked this page - I bet it is over a million by the end of the day. We as educators should be part of this movement to turn off lights on Saturday at 8:30 pm. This is a teachable moment about the environment. 

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  • Here is the earth hour website.Many world monuments like the eiffel tower will be turning off their power too! This is Saturday. Go look at this website, sign up to be involved. Share what you're doing.

    tags: education earthhour lessonplans teaching flatclass

  • Google plus is moving to the classroom. Here is how one teacher is having his students hangout and also using google plus to hand out papers in his classroom. Worth a view.

    tags: education teaching lessonplans

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