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Friday, March 30, 2012

Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 03/31/2012

  • My students are working on an awareness and social action campaign with the students from Reading, Ohio (teacher: Brian Page.) They are celebrating May DAy in a new way -- asking everyone to buy jewelry made by those rescued from human slavery and to wear it on that day. May Day: May all slaves be free one day but until then we will speak on their behalf. They have a blog, a Facebook page and more. Would you consider creating awareness next Monday and celebrate with them on May1st? We're looking for some more classrooms to join their voices to our blog at hopeforslaves.com a website we set up this week.

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  • A downloadable guide to share with parents.They will need to sign in with Twitter or Facebook to download the guide. It does mention the Digiteen project (one of our Flat Classroom projects) in the manual but truly, all we're doing with Flat Classroom and the growing body of projects being created by our certified teachers are transforming education. There are those that shake their heads wondering why teachers would create so many free or almost free projects while shunning the traditional software programs that have kept schools walled away from the world - it is because we want to interact with the world.

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