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Thursday, March 08, 2012

The "New iPad" Overview but the big news may be the iPad 2

This video from Mashable is probably the best overview video that I've seen on the new iPad. The best news is perhaps that the iPad2 is now $399 making it more affordable for schools.

Other features:

  • the New iPad will let you connect 5 devices through the mobile hotspot feature
  • You can create and share photo albums using the new app iPhoto (looks like all of us can get this one)
  • of course the new "retina" display lets you have higher def viewing
  • the iPad is thicker but supposedly has longer battery life
The biggest ripple is that Apple proclaimed that the iPad has taken us to the "post PC era." They need to hold on, of course, as Google glasses aren't here yet. The changing form factor of computing devices is not over, I predict, but some sort of tablet device is probably in our future. After all, isn't that an iPad Captain Kirk is using there on the Enterprise?

Photo credit: Film Junk: top 10 Star Trek devices in use today.
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