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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/26/2013

  • Cool little light that can show various colors to indicate things that have happened. This was funded on kickstarter and I noticed it being added to ifttt.com as a channel. So, for example, if you have a big download and want to be notified when it is done - or if you want to be notified when a certain person (Grandma) logs into skype but you don't want to have to log in or look at the screen - this USB RGB light will light in the color you wish. There are so many cool applications for this as we move into the "internet of things."

    tags: education productivity news internet_of_things

  • A popular website for uploading your best photos and selling them is 500px. You can upload 20 pictures for free a week and have your personal store selling your photos. This is a money maker for those students who are photography buffs.

    tags: news entrepreneurship photography edu_trends

  • Screencasting (sharing your screen, often accompanied by narration) is an essential skill for all of us - especially if we teach. Here are 10 resources - one which may work on your mobile.

    tags: education news screencasting flipclass

  • Excited to see Discovery work with an incredible nonprofit, Girls Inc to bring STEM to girls. Now THIS Is something with a lot of potential. Girls INc is a great organization that I worked with here in Albany (yes, back in the 90 - has been a while) but I was always impressed with their programs. Excited to watch this develop.

    tags: stem education discovery news girls

  • This post from Doug Johnson NAILS the IP issues that K12 teachers have. I hope that all administrators and teachers who develop anything online work together and look at this discussion because we must take action NOW with clarity as to who owns what when a teacher develops a course. Now, K12 schools claim ALL rights - this is not good as it discourages sharing and dissemination of best practices. But colleges give professors all rights - which means if the prof leaves so does the curriculum. I agree with Doug Johnson that we need something in between.

    tags: education news ip ownership policy tumblr

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