October 2015 Top Posts on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Teachers want to help students improve. But this is a time of year when many teachers struggle. Over on coolcatteacher.com there are ten posts that blew the doors off in popularity. Here are the top 10 Blog posts of October 2015 on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.

  1. Teaching the Growth Mindsets with 10 Growth Mindset Statements
  2. 4 Writing Tips to Help the Writing Process
  3. Why Teachers Need to Keep Going Even When It's Hard
  4. How to Use Padlet: A Fantastic Tool for Teaching
  5. 15 Things Every Teacher Should Try this Year by Sylvia Duckworth
  6. Top 10 Education Tweets of the School Year So Far - Fall 2015
  7. 15 Best Google Drive add-ons for Education
  8. What to Do When Someone Hates You
  9. Notetaking Skills for 21st Century Students
  10. How to Make Google Chrome Faster, Better and Prettier

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