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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Would You Want to Be a Student in Your Own Classroom?

Every Classroom Matters episode 207

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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George Couros innovators mindset empathy

Teachers go into professional development and they complain. This is boring! There’s nothing here I can use! I don’t have time to learn anything new! But these same teachers who have such high demands of those who teach them — go into the classroom and deliver a lesson that could bore the ticks off a hound dog. No pizzaz! No joy! No intrigue! WE CAN DO BETTER. Listen now.

George Couros is beginning a series of shows on Every Classroom Matters where we talk about the eight characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset (George’s new book.) Today we’re talking about empathy. (There were so many great quotes, I’ve made quite a few images to tweet and pin to Pinterest.)

Have empathy for your students! Design awesome learning experiences. You can do this, teacher! If not, why not?

Essential Questions: Would You Want to Be a Student in Your Own Classroom?

  • How do we consider what learning looks like to the students?
  • What is an important question principals should ask themselves?
  • What is the pathway to create better schools?
  • How do we need to get past a growth mindset?
  • How can schools create a culture of innovation and not just have a few teachers who are on fire for learning?


Educator Resources from this Episode

it isn't about changing everything (1)


George Couros Empathy Innovator's mindset

Would you want to be a student in your own classroom-

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