2 Ways to Unleash More Energy By Examining Your Relationships

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Examine your relationships. You may find a secret stash of energy waiting to be unleashed.

Don't be a vampire. Be a dragon slayer

The People Who Drain Our Energy

Some people are vampires. When they come around, you taste dread. Inevitably, they will suck your blood. Well, not literally, they won’t suck your blood. But certainly they’ll absorb your will to live. You are less energized when you leave their presence.

Supposedly Picasso was a vampire. The sculptor Constatin Brancusi literally “unfriended” Picasso. He said being around Picasso was exhausting. Picasso took everyone else’s life drained them of it and put it into his paintings.

The first step to having more energy is to start noticing how interactions with others make us feel. Are we being sucked dry?

If we aren’t aware of how people affect our energy, we can find ourselves drained all the time. We need stamina. We can’t always eliminate the vampires. But just like a real vampire, the closer he gets, the more likely he’s going to bite.

We can limit our exposure to negative, angry, bitter, life-sucking people. Or, we can just guard our heart when we are around them and keep perspective on trying to please people who cannot be pleased.

The People Who Boost Our Energy and Help Us Achieve Great Things

Some people are Dragonslayers. They are real people too.  Not like Don Quixote fighting a windmill– these people fight real problems and vanquish them!

What’s great about dragonslayers is their energy and determination. These people are so inspirational!

We want to hang out with people who make big problems seem smaller. They make us feel like we can kill the hidden monsters of the sea.

Life is full of problems. We all get knocked down. But the true Dragonslayer fights the dragon until it moves on or until the dragon is defeated.

Oh, to labor alongside a Dragonslayer once or twice in life! For they are out there.

So, the second thing you’ll want to do is to surround yourself with people who fight and win. You become like the people you think about and hang around the most.

So, if dragonslayers are your friend, you’ll find yourself drawing your sword and taking on your own dragons. You’ll kill problems. You’ll be the person who reaches the unreachable child. You’ll be the person who pays off that huge credit card debt. You’ll be the person who fights to save a relationship. You won’t fall on your sword anymore, you’ll use it to fight and win.

You Have a Choice

  • Are you more like a vampire?
  • Are you more like a Dragonslayer?
  • Are we problem solvers or problem creators?

I don’t know if one can be neutral. You have to choose. You can also change direction if you realize you are sucking the life out of those you love. We can change.

But then again if you’re the Dragon, I guess the Dragonslayer is a vampire. 😉

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