6 Ways to Get the Most out of Back to School Shopping @Staples

Prepare for Back to School

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Prepare for back to school by getting the supplies (and the rewards) to help you and your classroom succeed. These tips and tricks will help you shop at my FAVORITE school supply shopping store — Staples! Get out your pencil. Follow these links and make your Staples shopping list now. Here we go.

Back to School at Staples #SchoolHappens

1. Stock Up on Essential Supplies

I’ve pictured supplies from the Staples “Less List.”  These are supplies I’m using for my Makerspace. Let’s look at some essential items.

Check out Staples’ Less List

  • Staples 1 subject notebook – 17 cents and the Staples Composition Notebook – 50 cents – I keep these so students working on projects between multiple classrooms can have a group project notebook. They share notes and findings back and forth between them. (The first notebook is only available in their store!)
  • 12″ Wood Ruler – 25 cents – As students are making, they are measuring. A lot! I keep enough for teams of two in my biggest class.
  • Crayola Crayons, 24/ box – 50 cents – These Crayola crayons are another one of those in-store deals only. Even in high school, we use crayons for drawing and making. Students can share these, so I get enough for my largest class divided by 4.
  • Staples Yellow Pencils #2, 12/pack – 75 cents – Ok, I’ll buy at least ten boxes of these! I need enough for the whole year. If a child needs a pencil, I won’t turn them away. Sometimes, parents will give me extra supplies. I’m so grateful!
  • Staples Washable Glue Sticks, 4 / pack $1 – We use glue sticks for our foam board projects. I want one per student for my largest class.
  • Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer 8+2 oz $2 – I keep hand sanitizer by the door and at the paper cutter and filing cabinet.
  • Post-It Notes, 3″ x 3 ” yellow 4/ pack $3 – I can’t keep enough Post-It notes. We use them for everything.
  • Staples School Grade 2Pocket Folder, 25/ box $4 – This deal is only online. This year, I am using these pocket folders for my students to collect the items for their student-led parent-teacher conferences. I will keep them near their file folders for them to include their best work.
  • Staples Earbuds $7 – Each of my students needs their own set of earbuds. Earbuds on their school supply list. I do this because I make lots of videos to personalize learning for my students.

Check out Staples’ Less List

2. Put Your Back to School Teacher List online at Staples

Make it simple for parents by putting your school supply list online. (use this link) Staples has linked with Teacher Lists so your parents can buy with one click of a button.

3.  Register Your Wish List on DonorsChoose.org

As part of their Staples for Students program, this past week Staples funded all public school teacher wish lists in the Dallas area. Consider going to DonorsChoose.org and registering your classroom. Many are supporting schools, teachers, and students on DonorsChoose.org.

4. Make Sure You’ve Signed up For Teacher Rewards

Staples Teacher Rewards program is awesome. You earn rewards back and extra rewards on teaching and art supplies. I keep my card in my wallet since I signed up last year. (Teacher Rewards members also get free shipping on orders over $14.99)

Sign up for Staples Teacher Rewards

5. Keep Your Receipts and use the 110% Lowest Price Guarantee

The great thing about buying at Staples is if you find a lower price either online or in another store, Staples will guarantee to give you that lower price. Here are the instructions.

6. Keep an Eye on Deals and Shop Each Week

Each week, Staples has back to school deals, so check out their weekly deals, back to school deals, and technology deals before you shop.

Good luck! We’ve got two short weeks here. I wish I was ready but I’m not. Get ready! Make your list and head to Staples.

Back to School #SchoolHappens Staples


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