The Amazing Benefits of Student Created Classroom Design

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Sixth graders created their own classroom design. Not only were these kids excited to come to school, but they got passionate about learning!   Furthermore, the results in Catherine Stanley’s classroom should make us all wonder why more of us don’t let our students customize their classrooms.

The Benefits of Student Created Classroom Design

As an example of how you should share YOUR successes, this episode is coming to you because of a tweet. When Catherine Stanley tweeted pictures about what her students did when they redesigned her classroom, she got lots of us who follow her excited! Surprisingly, she said they came up with an original design that changed everything. Listen to some of what her sixth graders said as they evaluated their classroom design options:

“I thought we should place encouraging testing strategies around the room that are age-appropriate for sixth graders.”

“Different mindsets could be placed at different learning stations. We could talk to each other and learn from one another instead of just Ms. Stanley. It might make things easier on her.”

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Show Notes:

  • Why would a teacher want to involve students in classroom design?
  • Can you increase student engagement with classroom design?
  • How can a teacher involve students in classroom design?
  • What are the benefits of student-created classroom design?
  • What design tips made the biggest difference in Catherine’s classroom?
  • Did the students change things that increased their academic performance?

Catherine Stanley is a sixth grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. She is passionate about fostering inclusive learning environments that are shaped and led by students. As a former NC Teaching Fellow, Catherine enjoys reflecting on pedagogy through blogging. She also serves on her school’s Advisory and PBIS Committee.

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