How to Use Google Keep in the Classroom

A conversation with Crystal Koenig on episode 72 of the 10-Minute Teacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Today Crystal Koenig talks about Google Keep. She uses it to organize her students, clubs, and so many things. She’ll share her tips and tricks and even when she decides to use Evernote instead. Learn all about this tool that has educators talking (especially those with Chromebooks.)

How to use Google Keep in the Classroom (2)

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In today’s show, Crystal Koenig shares how she uses Google Keep in the classroom:

  • Letting students personalize the classroom by requesting topics to be taught
  • Integrating Google Keep and Google Docs
  • Differences between Google Keep and Evernote
  • Photo recognition in Google Keep
  • Location reminders in Google Keep

I hope you enjoy this episode with Crystal Koenig!

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Full Bio As Submitted

Crystal KoenigCrystal Koenig

Crystal is a certified gifted education facilitator, eMINTS trainer, Professional Learning Community Leader, educational instructional and technology coach, and behavior specialist. She as worked in the education field for the last 15 years at Perry County School District #32 in Perryville, Missouri. She also sponsors National Junior Honor Society, yearbook, and scholar bowl. She is an advocate for gifted education students as a director on the board of the Gifted Association of Missouri. She is an avid reader, a life long learner and a bibliophile.

She is the author of the Supermotivator’s Blog, providing motivation, inspiration, as well as technology tips and tricks. Ms. Koenig’s classroom is based on inquiry, problem and project based learning.

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