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Thursday, December 21, 2017

How to Keep Children Busy, Learning, and Inspired During (and Beyond) School Vacations with Jam.com

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Jam.com is a website that will change your child’s life. Many of us who focus on enriching our child’s experience are always looking for things that will really spark his or her curiosity. The problem I’ve always had is that sometimes my children are interested in things that I don’t know how to help them do.

JAM online courses for kids

They might be interested in making Minecraft videos or building whole new worlds with Legos. Maybe they want to draw — and you, as a parent, can barely draw a stick figure! So what can you do to encourage your child in these areas? This is particularly hard if they don’t have a teacher in their school with expertise in these areas or if they’re not able to take classes addressing their interests. Jam.com will solve this problem for you. Let’s take a look at what this site does.

This is a sponsored post.

Free trial of jam.com drawing and minecraft classes for kids

Fun Online Classes for Kids

Jam.com is a website offering classes on topics that kids age 7 through 16 are sure to love. The coursework includes assignments that they can post for other students to give them feedback. They’re also giving feedback on the things that other students have created and done. This model matches world-class teachers who are subject experts with kids who are passionate about those subjects. (Imagine a NatGeo star teaching cool science projects, for example, or a professional artist teaching drawing.)

So, when you combine these world-class teachers with an exciting, engaging learning environment for kids, you have Jam.com.

Jam cards are individual cards that students click through to promote learning. Cards can include videos, drawings, and more. As they engage with content and other “jammers,” they earn experience points which unlock future learning opportunities.

Give the Gift of Learning

I’m writing about Jam.com during the holiday season because this is a great gift for your kids or grandkids this Christmas. It would also be an ideal tool for an afterschool enrichment program where students have a variety of choices to take classes that interest them.

Jam.com for online classes for students on drawing minecraft and more

Some of the most popular courses include:

  • Secrets of Drawing
  • Drawing Bootcamp (for beginners)
  • Build Anything With LEGO
  • Invent Your Own Machines

Start Your 14-Day FREE Trial at Jam.com

Right now, Jam.com has a 14-day free trial. But in addition, they’re offering a discount to my readers and listeners. If you use the code COOLCAT50, you can get $50 off the price of a course or a subscription that lets you have access to all of the courses at Jam.com.


Jam.com student safety online classes

When you sign up on Jam.com, your child uses their screen name, not their real name, to post their work and respond to others.


Engage and Interact

When I signed up for Jam.com as a parent, I was excited to see all of the courses tailored to kids’ interests and passions. As a teacher, I was also excited by all of the interaction and engagement that’s going on in these courses. Now is a great time to introduce your child to this website and give them a chance to play and learn in a way that means something to them. Children get excited about learning when it is something that is of interest to them.

Student interaction on jam.com as they create and invent

Students interact with their teachers and other students on the cards that they post under their screen name.


So whether your child wants to draw, do science experiments, make Minecraft videos, or just about anything else, there’s probably a course at Jam.com that would excite them. Remember that you can also buy a family subscription to this service.

Jam.com is a perfect gift for enrichment at home, for homeschoolers, or even for afterschool enrichment clubs. Sign up your free 14-day trial at Jam.com.

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