Dreams Are Your Precious Treasure

Day 47 of 80 Days of Excellence

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Sometimes we write things as teenagers that we need to remember as adults. This double form poem I wrote at Governor’s Honors when I was 17 is one such poem. Here’s the thing, I didn’t keep this because I liked it, I remember keeping this because of the note a 40-something-year-old teacher at GHP wrote on the poem.

Childhood dreaming

Transforms into adulthood goals

Those dreams are the things you must never lose track of

When everything flees and nothing remains, these dreams are always your

Precious Treasure.

And thus, sometimes we have to help children and teens understand what is important.

And likewise, sometimes, we get a smack from the past to remind us who we want to be.  We can remember that our dreams are a precious treasure. I have goals written at age twelve. One of them? To be an author and to write poetry.

Little did I know.

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