All 4’s and 5’s: Secrets to AP Teaching Success

Andrew Sharos on episode 359 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

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AP US History Teacher, Andrew Sharos, talks about how to create a collaborative environment that helps students learn and succeed in AP courses. It definitely isn’t just drill and practice, but a team experience that starts with a relationship.

Perfect 5 on AP US History

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Bio of Andrew Sharos as Submitted

Andrew Sharos @AndrewSharosAP is a former high school history teacher now serving as Assistant Principal. He is the founder of the Village Project Consulting group that focuses on building stronger academic cultures in schools. He is also the author of “All 4s and 5s”- a soulful, underdog story about a teacher and his students achieving record Advanced Placement scores.

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Book: All 4’s and 5’s: A Guide to Teaching and Leading Advanced Placement Programs



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