How to Promote Deeper Learning with the Four Shifts

The four shifts is a new education technology paradigm shared in the book Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning by Scott McLeod and Julie Graber. On today's show, Julie discusses these four shifts and how it compares to other models such as SAMR. She gives examples of effective design using technology and where many programs are falling short.

Julie Graber's Bio as Submitted

Julie Graber is an instructional technology consultant
on a technology innovation team for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency in Iowa where she supports educators with effective teaching, learning, leading, and technology practices. She is a passionate educator who is most interested in seeing teachers and administrators improve authentic learning experiences for students. Her many areas of expertise include deeper
thinking with technology, authentic learning, curriculum design, and performance tasks and assessments. She spent thirteen years as a technology coordinator and business and computer
teacher. Julie is an Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) coach and has coached elementary, middle, and high school teams of teachers on how to use the framework in order to increase the level of intellectual demand as well as the authenticity of the work that students are asked to do. She has
served on several state leadership teams, including the North Central Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Hub Advisory Board and the Design Team for the Iowa Competency-Based Education Collaborative, and has provided guidance for schools to increase STEM education in their classrooms and move them toward competency-based and personalized
learning. Julie is a Defined STEM, a K–12 curriculum resource curriculum with engaging project-based lessons that are based on real-world scenarios. She is also a consultant for Jay McTighe's consulting group, McTighe and Associates, where she conducts workshops for educators using the Understanding by Design curriculum framework. Julie is the co-creator of the 4 Shifts discussion protocol and a regular local, state, and national presenter focusing on authentic work and student-centered, personalized and project-based learning.

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