3 Add Ons to Solve Problems in Google Classroom (Programmed by 1 Teacher)

Michael Backus had a problem as he was teaching in Google Classroom. So, he programmed add-ons to solve the problem of needing checklists attached to his Google Classroom assignments. He saw a problem and programmed a solution, first by creating an add-on for just within his district. Many people don't know that this is possible or that add on's can be just within a district. We also discuss a "make your own extension" resource by Wanda Terral. Learn about Google Classroom teaching practices as well as a problem-solving attitude that you can bring to your own school.


Today's Challenge

As I mentioned in the show, I was in Memphis this summer, Wanda Terral had a mini class on programming an extension for your district. There are teachers creating add ons and extensions inside their district.

So, your challenge today is to explore and look at the add ons inside your favorite Google App and to find at least one time-saving add on or browser extension. After you find it, or if you already have one – share it to #edtechfind on the social media of your choice.   


Michael Backus - Bio as Submitted

Michael Backus teaches computer literacy and computer science at Teeland Middle School in Wasilla, Alaska. As the creator of the https://www.akrobotnerd.com, he has shared many projects that he has developed over the years, the most famous being his Artificial Intelligence with Arduinos curriculum. His most recent project is Build and Program Games with Arduino, a curriculum that introduces students to Arduino by walking them through how to make an electronic Tug-o-War and Simon Says game. In addition to creating curriculum, Michael also writes software to make life easier for teachers. His most recent work is a trio of G Suite add-ons (Document Evaluator, Slideshow Evaluator, and Spreadsheet Evaluator) that make communicating assignment requirements, managing peer evaluations, and grading much faster and easier.

Blog: https://learn.akrobotnerd.com


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