The Golden Bell of Justice

Recently, I came across a story that my mother had adapted when she was a teacher to use to teach students about caring for others who had done things for them. During this time of Thanksgiving and approaching Christmas, it is easy for many of us (kids included) to become self-absorbed and to forget those who have done so much. So, feel free to use today's story as you want but also to use it as a personal challenge to make a list of those this season who deserve your extra attention and notice. 

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Your Challenge: Plan Ahead of Gratitude

Your challenge today is to find someone who needs and deserves attention, respect, and care this season and to give it to them. I also encourage you to help your students have empathy, love, and gratitude towards others who pour into their lives. If you want to use this story or play it, feel free but it is certainly one you can adapt.

You can tell stories to students to teach points and ideas. In fact, I would argue that stories are one of the best, most timeless ways to teach. I love to find good stories and tell them to my students to make them think or teach a point.

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