5 Ways to Find Project Based Learning Ideas

Project-Based Learning is a powerful tool. Today's show gives us ideas for where we can find new and innovative project ideas and create them ourselves. Dr. Jennifer Pieratt, author of "Keep it Real with PBL" for both elementary and secondary students, shares how she finds many of the project ideas that she creates and shares at crafted curriculum.


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Jennifer Pieratt - Bio As submitted

Jenny Pieratt, Ph.D. is an international educator and expert in Project-Based Learning. Jenny is an author, business owner, and mother, and lives in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.

Blog: https://craftedcurriculum.com/

Twitter: @crafted_jennyp

Instagram: @crafted_jennypieratt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/craftedjennypieratt

PBL Resources: https://craftedcurriculum.com/project-based-learning-ideas/


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