5 Ways for Parents to Help Kids with Math

Parents can encourage math success just like reading success. Today, Jon Orr helps parents through five things they can do to help their child become more successful at math. These can be applied from very young children to older students. Math is something everyone can do but we must be patient and help people have a mindset for success. Give parents and kids hope by sharing this show with those who need it.


Jon Orr - Bio as Submitted

Jon is a math teacher at John McGregor Secondary School in the Lambton-Kent District School Board in Ontario Canada. When not teaching his students and spending time with family he leads workshops and presentations on teaching pedagogy in the math classroom. He is a co-host of the podcast Making Math Moments That Matter along with his friend Kyle Pearce. Lately, he is excited about promoting struggle in his students and talking math with primary aged kids while creating math prompts for MathBeforeBed.com. You can follow his classroom lessons, routines, and educational thoughts at Mrorr-isageek.com and also on Twitter: @MrOrr_Geek

Website: https://makemathmoments.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makemathmoments/


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