How I Teach About Big Data and Lesson Plan

In this episode, I give you a peek into my classroom. I take a topic that isn't super simple -- databases -- and show how I teach it with 2 simple projects, some game based learning, concrete examples, and how my students all master the topic in five days.

While you might not be interested in Big Data or Databases, it is part of your student's future and so it is good to be introduced to the topic. Of interest to most of you, however, will be how I plan lessons. I design ahead for common mistakes, use concrete examples, use formative assessment and don't test but have mastery from all my students. This may sound impossible but it can be done. I hope this helps and encourages you and it also helps show how I reach kids who are at home as well.

Sponsor: Planboard & Chalk As we prepare to teach in a blended or distance learning environment, a rock-solid lesson planner is a must. I use a free program called Planboard for my lesson planning. My school uses Planboard with’s curriculum planning tool. This powerful tool links with standards -- and gives us the ability to do some timesaving, efficient reporting and tracking. The best thing about Planboard is I can plan my lessons anywhere - on my Mac, PC or iPad. Wherever I work, my lesson plans are with me. And as I said, Planboard is FREE for teachers. I hope you’ll check out Planboard now!

Vicki Davis - Bio

Vicki Davis is a classroom teacher and an Instructional Technology Director. She blogs at the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and hosts this podcast. See for her full bio.

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