Augmented Reality Lessons You Can Use Now

If you need safe, fun ways for students to connect and learn while keeping their distance in the classroom then augmented reality apps might be for you. But there are best practices you can use to teach math, ELA and more using Augmented reality. In today's show Mitchell Weisburg, cofounder of the nonprofit Games4Ed, shares pedagogical best practices for using augmented reality in the classroom with 3D Bear and other tools.

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Mitchell Weisberg - Bio as Submitted

Mitch helps organizations succeed in the education market. Mitch co-founded Academic Business Advisors in 2005, to help organizations reach teaches and students in the US. In 2014, Mitch co-founded Edchat Interactive with Tom Whitby and Steve Anderson, a service to share best practices among educators through live online interactive events. In January 2015, Mitch co-founded the nonprofit Games4Ed with Larry Cocco, to facilitate collaborations between educators, researchers, game developers, publishers and policymakers to further the use of games and other immersive strategies in schools. Mitch served on the Board of the Ed-Tech Industry Network (ETIN) of the SIIA from 2012-2019, was cochair from 2015-2016, and was the chair in 2019. In January 2019, Mitch became US COO of 3DBear, a Finnish EdTech company that uses Augmented Reality to motivate students to engage and learn deeply. If you are at all interested in what Mitch did before 2005, buy him a glass of wine and ask. Hint: he taught and developed over 200 courses.


Twitter: @weisburghm

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