5 Steps to Fact Checking - Digital Literacy in Action

As we teach students how to discern the truth, Amanda Brace has five steps for fact-checking that she teaches her students. Digital literacy is an essential topic for all of us and this show will help teachers (and parents) understand a simple way to help their students work through topics to get to the truth.

Show Notes: https://www.coolcatteacher.com/e746 

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Amanda Brace - Bio As Submitted

My name is Amanda Brace and I am a grade 3 teacher, Masters student, and #EdTech educator in Regina, SK, Canada. I have been teaching for 6 years, but I have recently started a Masters journey in Educational Technology and Digital Media. I am currently researching and exploring the art of podcasting and I have even started my own called EdTech Endeavours. I am excited to see where this journey of learning takes me!

Blog: https://edtechendeavours.wordpress.com



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