#00: Sue and Mrs. Scruggs

Do you realize just how important you are as a teacher? Sometimes people say, “Thank you for all you do” but do they really understand just what I do? I heard this story several years a go from someone dear to me that completely transformed my life and understanding about how remarkable we teachers truly are.

My name is Vicki Davis. I am best known for blogging at the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and for my sharing on Twitter where I have 136,741 Twitter as of the day I released this show. I previously hosted the show Every Classroom Matters. In this first episode of the 10 Minute Teacher Show, I’m sharing a story that gets to the heart of who we teachers are. I’ll also share my vision for this show and what you can expect to find every day.

This story is a precious one to me.

Show notes and transcript: https://www.coolcatteacher.com/sue-and-mrs-scruggs/ 

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